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Kissing Bridge Farm

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Favorite Links
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Here are some great sites:
I am a member of the American Silkie Bantam Club.

This site has great tips for silkie fanciers,

This site attempts to link all Silkie sites on the Web!

Surfin' with Silkies

Here's a link to some friends and breeders I have bought eggs from.

Hattrick Silkies

Eddy Travers Snow Globe Silkies

Bobbi Porto,Indigo Egg

Like the cartoons of the "Naked Neck" silkies and the "egg and chick", here is Katie Dalton a super artist and she also raises Showgirls!

E-Mail Katie Dalton

Did you know I also breed top quality Kerry Blue Terriers?
Here's the link to my dogs.

Bangor Kerry Blue Terriers

Bantam Phoenix Golden and Light Brown