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Show results for;  Moncton Fur and Feather Show, Queens County Fair, Gagetown, and Featherfest 2008.


2008 has been a great year for me. I have won Best of Breed or better with my silkies at every show.  I also won best Clean Legged Flat combed with my Phoenix at every show we entred. At the Queens county fair 2007 I won my first Best Show Champion with a white Silkie hen and reserve bantam with my Phoenix. At the Petticodiac fall show I won breed with a Silkie and reserve feather leg in a large group! I can't wait for 2009 shows!

We started showing Blue/Black and Partridge Silkies in 2006. We had a good show season but have done much better this year. I hatched a lot of eggs this year and sold alot of eggs and chicks. As always I have kept the best for next year.

Reserve Bantam in Show
Queens County Fair - Gagetown Sept..2008

Reserve Feather Leg

Best Variety, Partridge Hen

Reserve Bantam- Gagetown NB 2008

Our birds did good at all the shows we attended. We can't wait for the next year !

We won Best of breed or better at every show we entered.

I showed silkies in every recognized colour and showgirls and my first frizzled buff silkie. I had alot of fun but my biggest thrill was racking up 4840 points in my standings with the American Silkie Bantam Association.

Silkies will need to be bathed for show

For all baths I start by soaking my birds in a pan of warm soapy water (mild dish soap). Silkies are very hard to get wet thru. After soaking has loosened all the mess I wash the bird in Bio-Groom dog flea shampoo, as it is mild and will kill any lice that may be hanging around. If getting the bird ready for show I will follow with a Bio-Groom or Chris Christenson colour enhancing shampoo for dogs. I then rinse well and then wrap up the silkie in a nice warm towel. Once towel dried I blow-dry the rest of the birds so it is nice and fluffy! Now keep the bird on a drop thru cage (wire bottom) or in deep pine shavings so it doesn’t get soiled again before the show. Heres a great link to Bathing a Silkie!

Bathing a Silkie

Bantam Phoenix Golden and Light Brown