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Exotic Silkies

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Exotic Silkies
Bantam Phoenix

White Showgirl
They come in all the recognized colours.

"Showgirls" is a fancy name we call Naked Necked Silkies. They were developed by crossing Silkies to Naked Necked Chickens. Here is a great link to a wonderful site on these birds. I no longer have these birds. This page for your viewing pleasure only:))

C Dalton2006

The naked neck gene is a dominate one. The silkies either have it or they don't. They can not carry the gene to the next generation if not visable on one of the parents. You do not want to breed NN to NN as you will end up with almost naked birds!!

Show girl Chickens!!!!!
What do you call the boys????


Meet the frizzles generation "X"
Frizzle is a mutant gene in the chicken in which the feathers grow so that they curve outward, instead of lying smoothly along the bird's body. It can occur in most breeds.

By crossing my original Buff Cochin type Frizzles with a Buff Silkie Rooster I have my first generation.

A buff Sizzled cockeral
Has all the silkie traits but feathering.

learn more about Frizzles click here!!

A frizzled Buff Silkie Pullet
Note the backwards curve of the feathers.

The Sizzle/frizzle gene is a fun one to work with. I started by crossing a buff frizzled cochin  to a buff Silkie. First generation was easy all the girls had blue skin (like dad) and all the boys had pink( like mom) Of the girls 1/4 had the frizzled gene. Those I kept and bred back to another buff silkie. Out of those I kept all with the frizzled gene and I was amazed in just this second generation I hit the jackpot and got a buff, frizzled, silkie feathered, 5 toed, walnut combed, blue skinned, pullet!!
As with the showgirls you must never breed a frizzled to a frizzled as the feathers will become all messed up an the bird will be half bald!! Always breed to a regular feathered silkie.
Although Sizzled silkies are fun to look at and useful for breeding they can not be shown as they have regular hard feathers. Only truley frizzled silkies (with correct silkie feathering and all the other silkie traits) can be shown.

Bantam Phoenix Golden and Light Brown