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Kissing Bridge Farm

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Queens County Fair 2007
Show Champion White hen

In 2001 I was introduced to the world of Purebred Poultry by APA Judge and friend James Cason. I showed Silkies for a few years and dabbled in unusual types and colours including Showgirls and Frizzled/sizzled silkies. I have also shown sebestopal geese, runner and mandarin ducks,OEG and bantam phoenix chickens, and even white and frillback pigeons. Most of my birds have done fairly well with wins including Best in Show (white Silkie) Queens County Fair and Best Pigeon in Show (frillback) Atlantic National Exhibition. In 2009 decided to sell off most of my silkies and other breeds and just stick with a few basics. I now have good quality Bantam Phoenix and a few Red Gold pheasents. I also hope to purchase a few dual purpose breeds in the spring 2010. I will no longer be breeding Silkies or Frillbacks. I have started a new venture called Two Bays Venture we are now Breeding Barrel Racing Horses.

new babies from Oklahoma
Bailey and Beau- future barrel racers

What's hatching?
Lots of new stuff!
I am having fun, still working on improving my bantam Phoenix Will have lots of eggs for sale this year and some chicks. We are seeing corrrect size and good colour.
No longer breeding Silkies or Frillbacks.

pair of hot Showgirls!!!
Auctioned for fund raiser Featherfest 2007

Hope you enjoy my site. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Barb Thompson

Up dated:Jan. 2010

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Reserve Bantam Queens county Fair 2007
Golden Phoenix with Barb

Frillback best pigeon in Show ANE
I don't have these anymore.

I am Canadian. Please contact me about buying selling and trading in Canada.

Bantam Phoenix Golden and Light Brown