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Kissing Bridge Farm

Bantam Phoenix

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Bantam Phoenix

CLFC at feather fest 2008
Golden bantam Phoenix

We like unique and different varieties you don't see everyday!

Phoenix, Long Tails.

Phoenix are descendants of the chickens that are seen in Japanese illustrations, which bear tails of 15 to 20 feet or longer. There are many breeds of Longtail fowl in Japan. The one our Phoenix most resembles is the Onagadori.
We have them in Gold, Light Brown and Golden Duckwing.

I am currently working with my Bantam Golden Phoenix to reduce size and deepen the colour. My Phoenix have done well at local shows winning reserve bantam and best Clean Legged, Flat Comb. I have 3 different strains I am working with. My originals, some imported birds and some nice small phoenix.

Phoenix Cockeral

"Leonid" is named after the guy on the show "Americas Got Talent" We loved him he was so funny. To quote "I like make-up, sequins and feathers"! If "Leonid the Magnificant" was a chicken he'd be a Phoenix!

Leonid the Magnificent
If Leonid was a chicken he'd be a Phoenix!!

A group of Phoenix
Light brown, and Golden hens and cockerals

A bunch of Baby Phoenix
Phoenix eggs are very fertile!

Bantam Phoenix Golden and Light Brown