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Silkie Chickens

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Silkie Chickens
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A bunch of this years chicks.
Piling into the chick coop

Silkie Chickens. This breed was developed in the Orient, probably in Japan. The feathers don't have barbs or quills, and the birds look and feel like Persian cats! Interesting characteristics of the breed are its 5 toes and black skin.. Silkie hens are among the best to use as broodies if you want to hatch your eggs out under hens. They make wonderful mothers and I've known a silkie rooster to steal a brood of very young chicks and raise them himself -- this is a very nurturing breed! Most known for the white variety Silkies also come in Black, Blue, Splash, Partridge, Grey and Buff. Other colours are also being developed including Cuckoo and Lavender.

A young Splash Pullet
Look at the headpeace!

I was really pleased with the chicks from my "Andalusian Blues" This gene is really neat if you breed the right birds together the results are predictable and you can get 3 colours from one pen! Black, Blue and Splash, my favourite!
Check out this link for more on the Andalusian Gene!

The Andalusian Blue Gene

2 grey chicks

Grey Silkie Pullet
Nice Head Shot

I no longer have these birds,
this page is for viewing enjoyment only.,

Young Black Pullets.

One of My favourites
An awesome coloured Splash

Black Chick
Hatched from Eddy Travers egg

In 2006 I hatched over 80 Silkies and I have managed, with the help of James Carson and others, to cull them down to the best 5 or 6 of each colour.  With the addition of some new blood (late 2006-2007) from some top USA breeders I am now seeing a renewed interest in the breed, in Canada.

4 month old Buff Chick
My First Buff from Eddy

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Bantam Phoenix Golden and Light Brown